Book Review : Love of My Life

Title : Love of my life

Author : Rohit Sharma

Published by : Brosis Publishers and Distributers

Publication Date : 1 January 2018

Book Length : 280 Pages

Genre : Romantic Thriller

Pain, sometimes, is like Love . . . 
It grows, until it becomes your Life. 

Major Virat Singh Rajput was once a fearless Black Cat commando who had saved Mumbai from its venomous perpetrators. His life took a beautiful turn when he got engaged to Pratishtha Sachdev, the girl he had selflessly loved for the last fourteen years. 
Everything was blissful, until one day Pratishtha mysteriously went missing. Virat, who was hailed as India’s hero, has now become a villain and is facing a certain death penalty. 
Only one woman can save him. 
Criminal Defence Lawyer Vaishnavi Pandit has not won her first six cases. She is adamant to win her seventh. 
But, still, no one knows where Pratishtha is.
No one still knows what the motive behind Virat’s crime was. 
The odds are heavily against Vaishnavi. 
Let’s unfold together a deeply romantic and nail-biting story about true love, excruciating pain and lurid vengeance – a thrilling story about love and honesty, hatred and deceit, friendship and animosity, dark truths and hidden motives.

Love of my life is an awesome Romantic thriller which is one of the best crafted story I have read so far. This book is capable to grab readers attention from its beginning and kept me hook till last page. Story of the book is narrated beautifully and book has also a dose of patriotism in it.
Story revolves around its Protagonist Virat Pratap singh who is Major in NSG of Indian army. He loves Pratishtha Sachdev since his school days but never expressed his love as they are good friends. Pratistha loves Kabir but he ditched her and after that She realizes that how much Virat Loves her. Virat who is National Hero goes on a mission and when she came back, found Pratishta is missing. Where is Pratishtha ? Will Virat be able to find her?

His writing style in this book is exquisite, flawless and articulate, laced with deep and thoughtful emotions that will move the readers instantly. The romance between Virat and Prathishta is very thoughtful and emotionally penned out by the author. Even though the emotions run deep in this story, but the light hearted romance is definitely going to make the readers feel for the characters.
Overall the book is an awesome read with lots of twist and turns, thrill, mystery and romance which makes the book a Page Turner. The Story is well paced and well crafted and the language is lucid and easy to comprehend. Cover of the book is Beautiful and catchy. The Book is must read for all readers.
My Rating : 5/5


Book Review : College Days

Title : College Days

Author : Devayu

Published by : Pandora Box Press

Publication Date : 10 Oct 2017

Book Length : 204 Pages

 A loser engineering student is motivated to start a video game company by an ambitious girl who will be leaving India forever. Few Details: 

1) Proxy: Filled for five friends but forgot one’s own.

 2) Viva: Smoked and drunk but still cracked it.

3) Group Discussion: Topic- ‘Woman on the Top’ 4) Dropout: Still invited as a motivational speaker at his college.

 5) Engineerzoned.
The story of the book is a beautiful narration of three friend and their College life. So let’s start the journey !!

College days is a nice book based on college life of Engineering Students written by Devayu. Author has portrayed story so beautifully that it was hard for me to put it down. Narration style is good and language is kept simple and lucid in the book.
Story revolves around the main character of the story Neil his friends Chinu and Baba and Niel’s girlfriend Avani. Neil and Avani met first time in Goa in a dramatic way and Neil fall for her. Whereas Avani had a bad past and was not ready to fell in a new relationship again and also she was very keen to pursue her Post graduation from a Foreign university and this situation comes in form of a obstacle in their relationship. Will they be able to overcome of these mess ? Read this beautiful college life story which will made you smile many times and will remind of your college days, mass bunk, assignments, proxy, viva exams and projects and that all are portrayed in the story very beautifully. Cover of the book is simple yet catchy. I would recommend this book to all readers, specially Engineering aspirants.
My Ratings : 4/5

Book Review : Imperfect Misfits

Title : Imperfect Misfits

Author : Devanshi Sharma

Published by : Srishti Publishers

Publication Date : 10 Dec 2017

Book Length : 208 Pages

Tiasha: I am very annoyed. 
Aakaash: That’s your job, Tiasha. Good that you are doing it well. 
Tiasha: And I am very serious. 
Aakaash: When are you not! 
Tiasha: Argh! I hate you, Aakaash. 
Aakaash: Thank God for small mercies! 
Just like a scoop of vanilla ice cream makes the sizzling chocolate brownie delicious, these best friends complimented each other. A chef by passion, Tiasha jumps and waves through her professional choices, while Aakaash, the witty stand-up comedian, knows exactly what he wants. 
He was the tranquility which refugees crave to stay in and she was the refugee, who wanted to wander and explore. Imperfect Misfits is a story of perfect misfits, food, frolic, emotions and their endless imperfections. 
The question is, will their friendship survive through this wavy journey of love?

Imperfect misfit is a sweet,light tale of friendship and love. We have come with the similar stories before too but the unique narration by the author with a dose of fun and humor makes the book a delight read.
The story of the book revolves around the two main characters Aakash and Tiasha. Aakash was a simple and fun loving boy who was dreaming to be a stand-up comedian whereas Tasha was little childish in nature and she wanted to be a good Chef. Both were good friends but some situations made them to realise that they like each other much more than friends. Tiasha doesn’t want to be Aakash’s girlfriend but at the same time she also wants no one to take that place in Aakash’s life. What will happen next? to know have to read this light and a good time pass story.
I like the cover design of the book. Language in the book is kept very simple and lucid. I would recommend this book to all readers who want to enjoy a simple, time pass story of love and friendship with good narration.
My Rating : 3.5/5

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Book Review : Shaheen Must Die

Title : Shaheen Must die

Author : Captain Rakesh Walia

Published by : Writing Geeks 

Publication Date : 1 Jan 2018

Format : Paperback

No.of Pages : 207

AN ARMY OFFICER WHO NOW WEARS THE UNIFORM OF A PRISONER. A CORPORATE TYCOON WHO SACRIFICES HIS ALL FOR ONE YOUNG SOUL. A BOY READY TO BECOME AN ICON TO HIS GENERATION, WITH A SECRET BURNING QUESTION OF HIS OWN. WHAT DO THESE THREE HAVE IN COMMON? The intense and powerful story of Shaheen Must Die brings in an unusual display of courage from a trio of unforgettable characters. This action packed book has twists and turns that cut through the army, the corporate world and the dark underbelly of a prison complex. They are bound by the echo of a woman who spoke with her honey coloured eyes and kept a secret, buried under the snow in exotic Kashmir.

Shaheen must die written by Captain Rakesh walia is one of those books in my collection which has a totally different plot and storyline. The story of the book is weaved nicely by the author which provide us a dose of patriotism.
The story of the book revolves around its protagonist, captain Rakesh Walia, his son Mohit, Shaheen and his friend Arijit. Theme of the story is set as Army background and I felt like watching a amazing Bollywood patriotic movie in front of my eyes.
Author has narrated the story nicely which made the book as a page turner and while reading the book I was thrilled to know about the climax of the story. The conversations and the chemistry between father and son are touchy and emotional. Cover of the book is well suited and catchy and the narration is lucid. Overall the book is an engrossing read.

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Book Review : Relics of Magic

Title : Relics of Magic

Author : Surakshith Markanti

Published by : Half Baked Beans

Publication Date : 14 Feb 2018

Ajieth – A Vivid dreamer , and magician began a journey to the lands unknown to prove his childhood fantasy’the existence of true magic in the world.’ Ajieth shaped himself and his path to meet his destiny each time he faced a conflicting belief The RELICS OF MAGIC is the story of confidence and determination born from a strong immature belief.

Relics of magic is nice story which is well scripted on a different plot. Story is about a boy named Ajieth who wants to be a great magician. He want to show true magic to the world. He is a vivid dreamer and want to explore his childhood fantasy of becoming a great magician and to fulfill his dream he has to face many hassles and obstacles in his journey. Will he be able to fulfill his dreams ? Will he get succeed to prove the existence of true magic ? Will he get his childhood love ? There are such many questions which came in my mind and made this book a page turner.
author has narrated the story very well as once you will start, you will go with the flow. Cover of the book is good but could have been better. Title of the book is well opted with the story. Simple and lucid language and a different story line makes the book a good and engrossing read.

My Rating : 4/5

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Book Review : You are Forever in my heart

Title : You are Forever in my heart

Author : Sanjeev Ranjan

Published by : Srishti Publishers

Publication Date : 10 January 2018

No.of Pages : 200

“Love can leave a memory no one can steal,
Love can leave a pain no one can heal.”

Sanjeev had loved Ashima with his heart and soul. But she left him for another, leaving him in a vortex of pain, dejection and depression. Unable to move on and haunted by her memories day and night, he pens down his story as a novel and becomes a noted author.
With a nudge from a friend, he decides to make an effort to reclaim his life, to learn to be alive again and joins a photography class. There, he befriends Ruchita, a happy-go-lucky girl, who introduces him to his ardent fan Shuchi who is fighting a break up too. As two broken hearts meet, they connect like they were made for each other. But just when Sanjeev seems to have gained some control over life, he receives a pack of letters that turns his world upside down.
Will Sanjeev find true love or has destiny planned something else for him?You Are Forever in my Heart is based on real life events and explores the true meaning of love that was once lost and comes back.

You are Forever in my heart is a simple yet heart touching story that made me think about the protagonist and his destiny. The story kept me glued to the book and touched my heart and made me emotional as well.

The story starts with the Sanjeev whose girlfriend Ashima has broken up with him and he is very frustrated. He finds happiness in his life again when he meets the girl name Ruchita and they became friends. Then as story goes forward Ruchita introduces him to a girl named Shuchi who was a big fan of Sanjeev’s book and the situation made them fall in love with each other. Then the story is a romantic journey of them. Read the book to experience this journey of love, emotions, friendship, betrayal and heartbreak. Will Sanjeev finds his true love or destiny has planned something different from him ? Well you have to read this beautiful book to know the whole story.

Language of the book is simple and easy to comprehend and the cover is designed beautifully which is best suited with the story.

My Rating : 4/5

Book Review : Key to my soul

Title : Key to my soul

Author : Probal Mazumdar

Published by : Maple Press

Publication Date : 16 December 2016

Book Length : 304 Pages

BLURB : “When Siddharth, a lonely young man with a failed marriage gets a sudden phone-call from a mysterious person about his lost childhood lover, Hazel and learns that she is battling for life, he is shaken to the core. He also learns that she had left certain letters for him fifteen years back that never reached him. It disturbs him so much that he rushes to the hospital in his old hometown. There he discovers an eclipsed past buried in time that is riddled with dangerous surprises, trauma, twists of fate, sacrifices that exemplify true love and the real reasons for the tragic end of their childhood love story. But will Hazel ever open her eyes to see him..”

Review : Key to my soul is an amazing tale of love friendship and betrayal. It’s a heart touching story of Sidhhartha and Hazel,their love and the hustles they have to face in their life and Their journey under different circumstances they meet and get separated. The book made me smile and cry both and I liked the climax of the book very much.

Interesting blurb of this book made me to purchase this book and I must say after reading that I am not regretted to buy it.
Author has weaved the story nicely which made the book an engrossing and page turner. Language of the book is lucid and easy to comprehend. Title is nice and well suited with the story. Cover of the book is designed beautifully. A nice fiction book by the debutante​ author. I would love to read more books written by him.
My Ratings : 4/5

Book Review : Pralay-The great deluge

Title : Pralay-The great deluge

Author : Vineet Bajpai

Published by : VB Performance LLP

Publication date : 19 Jan 2018

Book Length : 315 Pages

““Even death is afraid of the White Mask…”

1700 BCE, Harappa – The devta of Harappa has fallen…tortured and condemned to the dungeons of the dead. His murdered wife’s pious blood falls on the sands of the metropolis, sealing the black fate of Harappa…forever.

2017, Banaras – A master assassin bites into cyanide, but not before pronouncing the arrival of an unstoppable, dark force. A maha-taantric offers a chilling sacrifice.

325 AD, Bithynian City (modern-day Turkey) – Unable to foresee the monster he was untethering, an extraordinary monarch commissions a terrifying world-vision spanning millennia.

1700 BCE, East of Harappa – A mystical fish-man proclaims the onset of Pralay – the extinction of mankind. The Blood River rises to avenge her divine sons.

What happens to the devta of Harappa? Is Vidyut truly the prophesied saviour? Who are the veiled overlords behind the sinister World Order? What was the macabre blueprint of the mysterious emperor at Bithynian City? Turn the pages to unravel one of the world’s greatest conspiracies and the haunting story of a lost, ancient civilization.”

Pralay-The great deluge is the sequel of the bestseller book ‘Harappa-curse of the blood river’ by Vineet Bajpai. The genre of the book is historical thriller.
The best thing about Pralay is that it is narrated so beautifully that the reader can easily visualize every scene like watching a movie,and the thrill in the story makes the book a page turner.
The story start from where Harappa was finished and unfolds many answers and some questions in our mind as moving forward. The story goes ahead that how the Great Vivasan Pujari has turn into devil after hearing the loss of his wife and son Manu and how the conspiracy of his own people turn him into devil who end killing Saptrishi. On the other side of the story in holy city Banaras, Vidyut came to know many secrets and truth from his grandfather Dwarka Shastri and how to take revenge of his friend Bala’s assassination.
Author has weaved the story so nicely that book is hard to put down before finishing. Introducing a new character of Matsya Avtar of Lord Vishnu gave me goosebumps​. Book made me little sad at the end because I have to wait to the next part of the book.
Language of the book is simple and lucid. Cover is looking awesome. Waiting eagerly for the next part of the book.

My Rating : 5/5

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Book Review : Letters in the Rain

Title : Letters in the Rain

Author : Anubhav Shrivastava and Ananya Roy

Published by : Rumour Books India

Publication Date : 7 Dec 2017

Quite early in his life, Aman had been labelled a ‘weirdo’. His side-parted, oil soaked hair and gawky physique made him the butt of jokes among his peers. There is nothing spectacular in his life—he studies all day, has never had an interaction with a girl that lasted more than five minutes, and scribbles his inner musings into his best friend, a personal diary.

Deep down, however, the guilt of being considered a social killjoy by the society starts to have a negative impact on him.

When forced out of his solitary shell into the action-infused warehouse that is ‘college’, Aman’s life takes a drastic U-Turn. Owing to a Chemistry project, he is forced to partner up with Kiara—a cheerful, carefree soul who tucks away her dark, brooding past upon arriving in Manipal.

What follows is a series of awkward encounters and quirky adventures; ones that throw them in the deep end and make them face their worst fears.

Letters in the rain is a beautiful tale of love and friendship written by Anubhav Shrivastava and Ananya roy.
Story revolves around its protagonist Aman who is studious nerd who is labelled as weirdo nerd in his school. Study only matters him the most and has no Friends except his diary.
His life start changes when he joins Manipal university for engineering. He meets there a girl named Kiara who is music and fun loving girl. Aman Started like her but she love Aman as a friend,and story goes away with a love triangle of Aman Kiara and Girish.
Blue cover of the book looks really beautiful and eye catching.
Narration of the book is good and language is enriched with good vocabulary and Poetries. Overall the book is a good one time read.

My Rating : 4/5

Book Review : Zareena

Title : Zareena-of love forlorn

Author : Avishek Gupta

Format : Kindle

Publication Date : 3 Feb 2018

No.of pages : 16

BLURB : – “I was too excited as I approached her. My heart was beating faster and my breaths were growing heavier with each passing second.”

– “She agreed to drop down to my hotel room in the evening. I was sweating after finishing my rendezvous.”

– “Morals were the last thing on my mind. I was ready to screw the societal norms!”

– “She was adept at her craft and knew exactly how to make a man happy.”

– “I kissed her lips again, and soon, we were making love for the third time in the night. This time, I was a little more adventurous…”

– “The next moment, a flash of light approached us, followed by a loud gunshot.”

– “I was badly hurt and rapidly losing my senses. She came close and leaned over my body. I tried to lift my hand and whisper her name. But everything around me went dark!”

– “Was it just a figment of my imagination or was she really there last night?” 

Zareena – she made me feel like a man, she saved my life, but then she vanished without a trace!

A suspense thriller strictly for adults!
REVIEW : Zareena is a short and nice captivating adult thriller. It is a short story which took only 15-20 minutes to complete it. Story is about a man who is heart broken from his married life and met a girl named Sofia and they spend a night together. Story ends with a good message. I was glued with the book and wondering it to be more lengthy. Cover of the book is catchy and language is simple. Overall the book is an engrossing read.

My Rating : 4/5